Key food packaging trends of 2019

Innovative foods and drinks will gain significant market share, in particular, among countries with high youth population. Accordingly, companies are focusing on solutions for mental wellbeing and altering the ingredients for new taste and aroma.
  • Growing importance of trust and brand transparency
Companies are focusing more on establishing their brands as trustworthy, quality control throughout the value chain, Clean-label messaging, hygiene and displaying ingredients to attract customers.
  • Eco-responsible packaging gains prominence worldwide
Driven by consumer awareness towards eco-firendly packaging the demand for bio based packaging products and solutions is increasing rapidly. In particular, in the US and Europe, the demand for products with eco-friendly packaging are set to witness huge demand in the near to long term.
  • Gaining prominence of technology in food and beverage manufacturing
Food and Beverage companies are increasingy relying on endorsements from health experts and the results of scientific studies to promote their products, in particular, in the food packaging category.
  • Specialty retailers and online marketing – the future distribution channels
Specialty stores and online commerce distribution channels are expanding to attract wide customer base. Further, constant interactions with consumer base, marketing through social media platforms and communication through apps is being observed